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Our Story

Tierra Atomizada (Powdered Clay) was founded in 1988, with the installation of a powdering machine for the manufacture of red-paste stoneware and porous wall and floor coverings, in order to meet the needs of the ceramic sector due to the growth in demand for powdered products and the change in technology towards wet single-fired production.

Tierra Atomizada has experienced constant growth from the start, covering the needs of its clients and adapting continuously to new technologies, to the point where it now has three factories and a production capacity which exceeds two million tons annually, as well as modern installations to carry out its research, development and innovation (R + D + i) activities.

Alongside the growth of the sector, production capacity has increased constantly, with installations which allow an annual production of 1,750,000 tons of fired red-paste products in its factory I, with four co-generation turbines.

Subsequently, in order to meet the demands of our clients in the provision of a powder form of all types of ceramic pastes, and observing the growth in production of fired white and colour-paste products, an ambitious project was developed in 2006 which involved:

The installation of a pilot plant to allow us to develop new types of project (Factory II).
The acquisition of Atomisa, S.L, (Factory III) which, since then has permitted us to cover the demand for red-paste materials, in addition to Factory I.
The acquisition of Nuevas Atomizadas, S.A, which, after being completely reformed and extended, produces fired white and colour-paste products (Factory IV).

Currently, Tierra Atomizada is prepared to meet any needs of its clients and to allocate resources towards the constant evolution and improvement in terms of R + D + i.